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I started Griffin recruitment in 2006 to better serve my clients and candidates. After more than seven years across two different recruitment agencies, one global, one niche, I was frustrated with the increasing pressure on billing, not on whether my clients or candidates were happy.

Running a boutique consultancy allows me to do what I do best and that’s to really focus. I am extremely selective about who I work with because I consider it a serious investment of my time and energy. Once you’ve got me on board, that’s what you get: my time, my energy, my intellect, my passion and enthusiasm – in other words, my total commitment. Being small and nimble, I prefer to limit my scope to better enable me to focus on one role at a time. Because of my drive for excellence, being selective allows me the opportunity to commit myself so I can go over and above the standard amount of time you could expect from a recruiter who has weekly/monthly/quarterly financial targets sitting over their head.

I like to gain a deep understanding of the business drivers and culture of the company I’m recruiting for, and likewise, have a solid insight into my candidates’ motivation for changing jobs. My strength is in my ability to match people with the right company, ensuring their core drivers are aligned to the business and its culture.

Being a good recruiter requires a wide range of skills, interview skills, research techniques, being able to read people and communicate well, having an excellent memory, the ability to ask the right questions and to dig a bit deeper and also having a sixth sense. In the past I tried to be impartial with all my candidates but over a period of years I recognised a trend in that the people I didn’t really connect with were the ones who let me down, in other words, they hadn’t been truthful with me regarding their motivation and drivers and they were the ones that didn’t go the distance. My radar is now even more finely tuned and I’ve become more disciplined in listening to that gut feeling about someone (and I encourage my clients to do the same).

I love what I do and feel very privileged to be trusted by my clients and candidates alike. I’m very fortunate that these relationships have crossed over from client to candidate and vice versa, as well as into long lasting friendships. I look forward to hearing from you to see how I can be of assistance.

Passion, dedication, experience, intelligence plus time equals a much stronger outcome, always.

The Recruitment Process

I believe in investing time in my clients to truly comprehend their business. The more time I'm provided for this, the better I can act on behalf of my client. In addition to having that understanding of a business and where it’s going, along with the culture the business wants to develop or maintain, having a thorough brief on the role, the ideal candidates and the scope, as well as the potential for the role in future help me develop the parameters I need to work within.

I then go to work! Using my database of candidates, liaising with my contacts and network, as well as going to market. One of my favourite creative outlets is writing, so I really enjoy crafting an ad that’s going to get attention and pique people’s curiosity. But I also enjoy headhunting and making new approaches to people in the marketplace and have loved the success I’ve found doing that.

Interviewing is a bit of a fine art. My interviewing style has changed greatly in some respects and I have long given up the standard interview questions. I love to hear people’s stories, to understand what makes them tick and what they’re looking to do when they wake up every morning. Again, I consider it a privilege that people share their stories with me and I hope I can do them justice in finding opportunities that align with where they’re wanting to go. This is where the magic happens.

The process is fairly straightforward, my screening, interviewing and then providing shortlisted candidates including individualised reports (again, my love of writing) which then leads to interviews and finally, comprehensive reference checks. I personally deliver all facets of the process and communicate directly with all parties.

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I believe in the importance of positioning the employer and employee on equal terms for mutual benefit.

Position people in a way that meets their own needs and expectations.

Position people so that they meet the needs and expectations of employers.

Position employers as a desirable career prospect.

Great positions + great people = great outcomes.


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