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We position people in your company that can do the job. A simple statement!

Our objective is to provide good people with good jobs in good companies.

We deal with companies of all sizes, but they all have the following traits in common and beliefs about recruiting the right person for the role:

  • Truth in placement - nothing hidden from us or the candidate.
  • Trust in business - we believe you and believe in your company (and position you as such with our candidates).
  • No surprises - that will reflect negatively on you, your company or us.

The value proposition offered by Griffin Recruitment is simple and straightforward: exceptional service, the best possible candidates for the job, a recruitment assignment that is structured around the client's needs, not the consultant's needs, and can be tailored, customised, bundled or unbundled to suit them. 

What we mean by this is we can provide a full-blown executive search assignment with press and online advertising, database search, telephone screening, in-depth interviews and reports, psychometric profiling straight through to reference checking and final negotiated salary package with the preferred candidate.  Or, we can provide any portions of the recruitment assignment along the way. 

For example, you may only wish for us to write a non-branded online ad and act as a mailbox, supplying you with all applicants, or you may wish us to cull that down to a shortlist of 3-5 whereupon you complete the rest of the recruitment process yourself. You may have already identified internal candidates for a position and wish to benchmark them against the market and would like to have an experienced recruiter evaluate your internals in an objective and fair assessment process.

We are keen to provide you with a service that best suits your business needs and objectives. 

Let Griffin Recruitment know what we can do for you. Click HERE to tell us about an opportunity coming up in your company.